Designing a multiexperience OTT platform: Key factors that will define the success of OTT platforms

It is no longer an assumption that COVID has forced significant changes in various industries. And most of these changes have been driven by the changing consumer behavior. The OTT industry also isn’t alien to these changes as we are foreseeing a major tectonic shift in content consumption patterns of consumers.

The average time spent on subscription OTT and Video-on-Demand content in the US alone has risen by 23% since the pandemic began. As viewership skews towards OTT, more and more media and entertainment players are launching their OTT platforms. According to a recent Research Dive report, many digital media and broadcast providers have stepped up their efforts to build new channels for consumers to access different types of content.

Our work with Discovery+ for the design and launch of their app for the Indian market was a major discovery (no pun intended) for us about how much the OTT industry is changing. The launch of Discovery+ app in India was a huge success with close to 3 million downloads within 4 months of its launch. So, we decided to put some of our learnings to potential brands seeking help in building a beautiful OTT app.

In this eBook, we will talk about the key factors that determine the success of OTT platforms. We will go into details about key factors to consider before beginning, competitor research, user research and prototyping that goes behind it. And then we will talk about the execution and implementation of the platform. The topics include:

  • Segregation of the content UX with clear categorization, the design system to choose and how to deliver a personalized user experience.
  • Elevating user experience through easy navigation.
  • Delivering Intuitive UI by creating multiexperiences and simplifying User Experience.
  • Why a correct subscription model and easy payment gateway integration are important.
  • Importance of push notifications and how to choose the right technology partner.

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