The success of Fintech brands in Asia: Key observations and learnings

Asia is emerging as the hub for the Fintech revolution paving the way for other markets to take note and learn from it. The key factors for this growth in Asia could be attributed to consumer demand, market-friendly government policies, high mobile penetration, and reliable internet infrastructure. It however comes as a surprise that we aren’t witnessing the same revolution in pioneer markets such as the US, where it is seen more as an evolution. One of the main reasons could be the US sector has limited Fintech to refining existing products and services. This has created a gap between the level of offerings and the overall fintech landscape in the two geographies.

A huge contributor to the Asian Fintech growth are giants such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent who have grown to offer a vast array of services, including payments and microloans. Another key contributor would be the rise of ‘super apps’ in Asia such as WeChat, Gojek, and Paytm. The mobile-first behavior of Asian customers has encouraged these apps to offer a host of services and hassle-free payments inside their app ecosystem. The induction of technological advances has enabled Fintech companies to offer P2P lending, digital onboarding, and frictionless monetary transactions to the customers.

In this eBook, we will introduce you to the Fintech landscape in Asia, the successful brands, and how they are challenging the norms to bring about a revolution. We will also present you with the key takeaways and learnings from the success of Fintech companies. This eBook can help aspiring leaders to learn and understand the requirements for success in Fintech. Topics include:

  • Introduction to most successful Asian Fintechs in recent times with defining trends and the rise of neobanks.
  • A discussion on digital offerings in Fintech such as digital onboarding, P2P lending, customer personalization, usage of newer technologies.
  • Key learning from the successful Fintechs in Asia

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