A methodical process of testing an asset to guarantee a bug free and user friendly product.
How do you test products during each stage of the development lifecycle to ensure the highest standards of quality, usability and performance?
desing strategy

1. Test Inception

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Product definition
  • Test environment analysis
  • Test effort and schedule
desing strategy

2. Test Elaboration

  • Test approach
  • Test strategies
  • Benchmarking
desing strategy

3. Test Construction

  • Test plans preparation
  • Test case design
  • Test suite plan preparation
  • Automated tests preparation
  • Test environment setup
desing strategy

4. Test execution

  • Execute the test cases
  • Collate test data
  • Defect characterisation
  • Test-metrics and measures
  • Product verification
desing strategy

5. Test evaluation

  • Evaluate test effectiveness
  • Test report, results and
    deliverables preparation
  • Quantitative measurement of
    test summary
  • Customer submission

What you get with Robosoft

  • Unit testing

Scrutinize individual units of your source code for optimum performance.

  • Functional testing

Ensure your application has the required functionality.

  • Performance testing

Determine the speed and effectiveness of your application.

  • Regression testing

Verify new software changes don’t affect existing functionality.