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With Apple as our first customer, we are used to delivering to exacting standards in software development. Over the years, we have met diverse needs - from printer drivers to porting games. We were among the pioneers in app development as a service. Today, enterprises reach out to us to execute challenging digital experiences across platforms, devices and technologies - web, mobile, voice, wearables and more.
Architecture, Development & Maintenance

Architecture, Development & Maintenance

Drawing the big picture to product creation - we do it all

System Architecture
Charting a high-level map & framework of systems.
Web and Mobile App Development
Bring alive design experiences across devices and platforms through development.
Emerging Technologies
Relevant use of the right technologies such as blockchain, voice and Internet of Things to bring alive the digital experience.

A Pioneer In Web And Mobile App Development As A Service, Across Platforms & Devices

Our width and depth of experience on the iOS platform is unmatched in the industry. We have designed and built complex, challenging apps, for Mac, iPhone & iPad, which have won prestigious awards across a diverse set of clients.
The world’s most popular OS is our strong suit. We have built apps that have gained millions of downloads in the most demanding markets in the world.
We can help you build digital solutions that can be used on both the popular mobile operating systems in the world with our expertise in cross-platform apps that meet business requirements.
We have crafted several solutions on smart watches (both Apple Watch and Android Wear) for banks, news organizations, and more. Creating a custom wearable solution for your business is at an arm’s length away.
A Pioneer In Web And Mobile App Development As A Service, Across Platforms & Devices
robosoft technologies
Quality Assurance And Testing

Quality Assurance And Testing

A methodical process of testing an asset to guarantee a bug free and user friendly product.

Unit testing
Scrutinize individual units of your source code for optimum performance.
Functional testing
Ensure your application has the required functionality.
Performance testing
Determine the speed and effectiveness of your application.
Regression testing
Verify new software changes don’t affect existing functionality.

Test Products During Each Stage Of The Development Lifecycle To Ensure The Highest Standards Of Quality, Usability And Performance

Test Inception

Test Inception

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Product definition
  • Test environment analysis
  • Test effort and schedule preparation
Test Execution

Test Execution

  • Execute the test cases
  • Collate test data
  • Defect characterisation
  • Test-metrics and measures
  • Product verification
Test Elaboration

Test Elaboration

  • Test approach
  • Test strategies
  • Benchmarking
Test Evaluation

Test Evaluation

  • Evaluate test effectiveness
  • Test report, results and
  • deliverables preparation
  • Quantitative measurement of
  • test summary
  • Customer submission
Test Construction

Test Construction

  • Test plans preparation
  • Test case design
  • Test suite plan preparation
  • Automated tests preparation
  • Test environment setup
Application Security

Application Security

We fortify your digital solution with a robust security infrastructure & monitor them for vulnerabilities to protect against malware & other security issues.

Data at rest (DAR) encryption
Protect your static data with sophisticated encryption algorithms
Data wipe
Overwrite all data on your hard drive or other digital devices
Jailbreak and Root protection
Defend against operating system alteration to ensure maximum security
Crash log reporting
Monitor and analyze the safety of your iOS, Android, and web applications with real-time reporting
robosoft technologies


Process to streamline interactions between developers & IT operations

Build, test, and release software faster
Rapid Delivery
Rapid Delivery
Increase the pace of releases so that product innovations can be brought to market faster
Ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes
robosoft technologies

End-to-End Development Process

Initiation & Planning

1. Initiation & Planning

  • Requirement Elicitation
  • Detailed Project Planning
  • Process for project execution
  • Customer on-­‐boarding

4. Testing

  • Manual/Automated Tests
  • Test case execution
  • Defects Monitoring
  • Process audits
Analysis & Design

2. Analysis & Design

  • High Level design of the solution including design diagrams
  • Test Strategy and Plan
  • Deployment Strategy

5. UAT

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Customer feedback

6. Release

  • Upload product to the stores

3. Implementation

  • Test Driven Development
  • Manual/Automated Code Review
  • Unit Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • Build Tests
  • Frequent Demos – Internal
  • stakeholder/customer
  • Retrospective Meeting
Maintenance & Support

7. Maintenance & Support

  • 24x7 maintenance & upkeep post product deployment
  • Transition to Operations & Support teams

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