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IIFL, one of India’s leading private wealth management companies, was looking for a massive upgrade in order to serve their clients better and improve communication amongst its staff. They wanted to partner with Robosoft to design a new age digital experience across platforms, which included an intranet, a responsive website and a mobile app.


The solution had to be incorporated across channels and required a content management system for clients as well as their staff. Therefore, it was essential to create a unified design system and implementation language that meshed with the brand and provide easy and seamless access to data.

Moreover, the native iOS and Android apps required development of APIs to access the website’s backend data.

robosoft iifl approach


Robosoft culled data from backend sources to integrate with a single sign-on authentication system and deliver that data in the form of


To ensure that a common framework was used by both the web app and native mobile app, we used a template-based mechanism to design the web pages and the backend system.

We created multiple structures to support the content that needed to be displayed on the website, and used a combination of Drupal and CMS/Java for the respective backend and front end app creation.


Customisable homepage

The homepage can be customised to show the most important and personalized financial news.

robosoft iifl registration

A Smart dashboard

A dashboard, which gives the user an investment portfolio overview and an access to exclusive market news and analysis.

robosoft iifl app

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