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Our team set out to identify five main objectives for developing this solution.

  • To create awareness about the services among employees
  • Give them direct access to the services
  • Optimize communication between employee and management
  • Make routine tasks timesaving and cashless experiences
  • Efficiently handle internal tasks so that employees can focus on their customers’ needs.
We wanted to bring utility and design together on a platform that would let employees interact with various available services in the premises, at their fingertips.


We crafted an Android and iOS application that would digitally transform services at ICICI Lombard. The simple yet informative UI of the app allows users to place and track orders without hassles, manage visitor logs, carpool with colleagues, book meeting rooms, manage flight tickets; and receive notifications at every stage of the ‘event’.

We also developed an Admin portal for configuration and administration of the entire solution. In addition to this, Restaurant outlet and Pantry portals were also developed for individual operators to process incoming order and requests.

Key Features

Grab a bite

View and order from various menu options from outlets within the campus.

Convenient cashless payment through the app when employees enter the cafeteria

robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies

Great food beacons

When a user walks into the cafeteria, a payment prompt is sent to their device through Beacon technology.

Users can pay through UPI or Paytm

Uninterrupted meetings

View pantry menu and order refreshments to a meeting room without interrupting a meeting

robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies
Manage visitor logs

Identify visitors and get their details easily through the ‘Your Visitors’ option.

Get snapshots of guests and notify them when the host will arrive

Maintain a log of visitors during the past, few days

Share a ride

Employees driving to work can offer carpool option to colleagues.

Join a carpool offered by someone based on preferred location

robosoft technologies
Seamless bookings
Book flights, cabs and hotel rooms using personal concierge
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies
Future enhancement envisaged

Manage tasks like ordering food, booking cabs etc. using voice assistance

Business Impact
App installs
Daily users
Orders served in Cafeteria every month
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Build a platform that holistically transforms your organization’s internal services