Changing Perceptions — creating a unified healthcare system

Health and technology are coming together like never before. The blending of these two distinct entities has lead to explorations that not only question the existing system but dare to rethink and replace trodden concepts and address untapped needs. From self-prognosis to smart diagnosis, from wearables for technophobes to object sensors for elderly care, from real-time health monitoring to remote patient management, from smart pharmacies to timely medicine dispensers, and from biostamps to injectables — processes, services and devices in the health spectrum are being vehemently explored.

All these amazing, ground-breaking innovations are questioning conventional approaches to healthcare at every stage. Today, we are witnessing varied types of innovations being explored in order to achieve a democratic approach towards healthcare. However, these healthcare interactions are happening in isolation. They are solving one problem at a time across the journey, waiting for the rest to be solved by another. So, there is a gap that the industry still needs to fill – integrating all the pieces on technologies together to create a connected ecosystem.

In this ebook we outline:
  • How process innovations, technology innovations and business innovations are changing the healthcare landscape
  • The need for a unified healthcare ecosystem and various possibilities towards achieving that

We hope healthcare professionals will find this to be a useful read. And the ebook will be helpful in their efforts towards finding newer ways of integrating digital technologies to their organizational processes.

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