How To Choose the Perfect Technology Partner

Finding the right technology partner can be the difference between launching a mobile app that generates millions of downloads, or launching an app that fizzles out within a few weeks. And like a productive business relationship, it takes work to find the right fit….

Many business owners prioritize saving money when it comes to selecting a technology partner, but while there are other areas in which financial conservatism is wise, this is not one of those areas. Because spending more to find the perfect mobile app developer can pay off in big ways.

In 2017, for example, it is estimated that mobile app revenue will hit $77 billion worldwide, which is a significant increase over the $58 billion that was generated in 2016. There is ample opportunity for smart, well-created mobile apps to earn sizeable revenue, but that is dependent on selecting technology partners that understand the unique and specific needs of their clients. In this white paper, we analyze the steps business owners should take, including the questions you should ask before selecting a technology partner. We also identify the most common signs that a technology partner is/or will be a bad fit for your business.

Highlights Include:
  • Problems and solutions related to technology partners.
  • Things to look for when considering an agency to become your technology partner.
  • Sample app costs on the U.S. market.
  • Questions you should expect technology partners to ask you.
  • Questions you should ask prospective technology partners.
Learn how you can select the technology partner to create the best mobile app possible.

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