The technology behind the world of auditing and our role in digital experiences at BSI

The British Standards Institution or BSI is the national standards body for the UK. Founded in 1901 and operating in 195 countries, it ensures quality across diverse sectors through quality auditing and producing technical standards for organizations to follow.  

We have partnered with them to develop a digital platform for the BSI Entropy software, a management solution to help organizations proactively manage risk, sustainability, and performance.

Recently, Harold Pradal, Group Chief Commercial Officer and Dan Purtell, Group Director of Innovation spoke to CPO Insights, UK about the technology behind the extraordinary world of immersive auditing, its benefits,and the technological landscape ahead of them.

Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, our Managing Director & CEO outlined our deep involvement with BSI and the role of digital innovation in transforming customer experiences.

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